4 Dupes for High-End Products

In my effort to reduce my expenses and live a more frugal life, I’ve had to say goodbye to the high end products that I love. It doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped spending money altogether. It forced me to find creative alternatives to my lifestyle. It wasn’t easy but my finances are much better for it. Here are my favourite dupes of various products that will hopefully make you save some money.

1. Going to the movie/Watching TV –> Netflix

I’ve stopped my cable subscription a few months ago and I’ve made a pledge with my friends that we won’t go to the movies until further notice. Why? Because that thing is EXPANSIVE! If you’re lucky, you’re paying $50 per month for cable and $12 per movie tickets. It may not sound that expansive but cumulatively that’s hundreds of dollars per year. You’re much better off switching to Netflix for $10/month for all your favourite TV series and movies. It’s dangerous because binge watching is OH so fun, but if you want to save money that’s the best alternative for you.

2. Clothes Shopping –> 2nd Hand Swap

An environmentalist friend from college introduced me to the concept of second hand clothe swap. It works like this: gather a group of friends, the more the merrier, and organise one day where everyone brings 10 items of clothing they do not want anymore. Everyone ends up finding new pieces to their taste, get rid of unwanted articles and the best part is that it’s free

3. Make-Up and Hair Products –> DIY

At the beginning, it wasn’t so hard to stop purchasing makeup and hair products. I had such a vast collection that it took months (even years in some case) before I felt the need to purchase anything. Interestingly, I found that most products can be replaced by food items already in your kitchen. For face and hair mask, I use coconut oil, eggs and sugar. To replace blush, I pinch my cheeks to give me that natural glowing look.

4. Casino trips –> Mobile Casino App

Gambling is a side passion of mine, I used to go a couple times a month to the casino. Getting all dolled up, bringing my friends and hitting the town was the norm. Ever since I’ve made the switch to online casinos, I’ve saved myself hundreds of dollars per years in taxis, alcohol, food and even casino chips! That’s because mobile app offer advantageous bonus for new players, you don’t have to play with a lot of money to get the full gambling experience at Zodiac Casino.…

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